Fit Food Radar Logo


This logo was created for the online platform Fit Food Radar during the Angelhack hackathon 2019 in Cyprus. Fit Food Radar is a platform for finding health food options in your area based on your preferences. The goal with this logo was to visually represent the functionality of the app. For this reason I used as logo elements the radar, fork and knife, and leaf. The radar is used to indicate the main functionality which is finding healthy food near your area. The fork and knife are used to specify that it’s a food finding platform and the leaf to highlight that it’s for health food.  

fit food radar logo


The colors used for this logo are wageningen green and charcoal. The wageningen green is used for highlighting the health food aspect of the platform and the charcoal for antithesis and contrast. 

fit food radar colors

The fonts used for this logo are Quesha and Gravedigger. Quesha for the food vibe and gravedigger for the technical tone. 

fit food radar fonts


fit food radar favicon

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